The Fancy Drifter (Landstreicher) Fine calf liver sausage

The Fancy Drifter (Landstreicher) 10 Stk à 40g (1 Package)
The Fancy Drifter (Landstreicher) 10 Stk à 40g (1 Package)
The Fancy Drifter (Landstreicher) 10 Stk à 40g (1 Package)
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1 Package, 10 Stk à 40g
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Butcher’s quality calf liver sausage!

Exclusively available in the colder months of the year, Anifit offers an absolute rarity: a fine calf liver sausage - straight from the butcher’s. Treat your pet to something truly special, you’ll see how the liver sausage is literally snatched right out of your hands.

The liver sausage is produced without the addition of preservatives and colourings and, importantly for pets, with no added seasonings!

Best served at room temperature.

Feeding recommendation

To be given as a treat as required


99.8 % meat and other animal products (beef and turkey, min. 20 % liver), 0.2 % minerals

Ingredient profile

14.3 % pure protein, 31.2 % raw oils and fats, 3 % raw fibre, 1.4 % crude ash, 50.1 % moisture


Best before

As this is a totally fresh product, the Fancy Drifter should only be stored in a cool location, such as a refrigerator. The unopened and refrigerated product will stay stable for about six weeks.

Once cut into, store in a cool location and use within 24 hours.

Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats

Packet of 10 x 40g



99,8 % Fleisch und tierische Nebenerzeugnisse (Rind und Pute, mind. 20 % Leber), 0,2 % Mineralstoffe

Analytische Bestanteile

14,3 % Rohprotein, 31,2 % Rohöle und -fette, 3 % Rohfaser, 1,4 % Rohasche, 50,1 % Feuchtigkeit

Feeding recommendation

Als Leckerli nach Bedarf verfüttern.


Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Hunde und Katzen
Packung mit 10 Stück à 40 g

What our clients say

Kalbsleberwurst von Anifit ist der absolute Favorit! Peppa liebt den feinen Landstreicher Mein Kater liebt den feinen Landstreicher